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About Us

Let me tell you a little bit about myself….I admit it, I’m a deal junkie; like a serious, “looking for my next fix,” deal junkie. I’ve been called many names in my day: Frugal McDougal, Crazy Coupon Lady, Penny Pincher, etc. And you know what? I eat it up! It doesn’t offend me one bit. In my book, there is nothing worse than paying full price for something (unless it’s a bucket list item or great food) but even then, I will do my best to find it at a bargain.

This is why I love being a land investor. For me, it’s about buying land at dirt-cheap prices (yes, pun intended) and passing that savings on to you, so you’re getting the best price on the market. It’s a win/win in my book. I love real estate. I love land. And I really love hunting for that next deal. At the end of the day, I am all about spending my hard-earned money wisely, and I want you to do the same!

If you’re asking yourself, “Why is this land so cheap? What’s wrong with it?” The answer is, “Nothing.” I only buy real estate when it’s a killer deal. It’s that simple. I can’t wait to find you that next piece of earth you can use for recreation, building your dream home, investing in a path of development, or passing it down for generational wealth. So let our Land Hound team find your next great land deal!

Cheers, Jen

Sarah J Jurewicz
Sales Representative

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